Who We Are & What We Do

About the WICRA

The Washington Independent Collision Repairer's Association


The Washington Independent Collision Repairer’s Association (WICRA) is the first Auto Body Trade Association in the state of Washington. We represent the interests of our members — automotive professionals and businesses throughout all of Washington — and aim to support the collision repair industry in our state. Through legislative efforts, we foster the growth and improvement of the automotive collision industry. We strive to create a legal environment in which body shops and consumers can offer and access proper and safe vehicle repairs.

Who Are Our Members?

The WICRA is comprised of body shops from throughout Washington state. Our members believe in building an industry-wide network and strong relationships with others to achieve greater consistency and safety in industry practices, and therefore greater trust from consumers. We encourage the support and participation of vendors to foster our mission.

What Do We Do?

The WICRA supports relationships in the industry and the mission of consistency in various ways. We advocate and promote education and skills development for professionals in our state. Our members contribute their expertise in various fields of auto collision to ensure consumers get safe and proper repairs. During meetings held throughout the year, our association creates networking opportunities between peer shops and those that contribute to the repair process, including parts, equipment, and other service vendors. Nationally recognized industry leaders and consultants are invited to provide information on industry innovations in technology, automotive construction materials, tools and equipment, estimating skills, sales skills, management skills, and more.