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The Washington Independent Collision Repairer’s Association (WICRA) is the first Auto Body Trade Association in the state of Washington. We represent the interests of our members — automotive professionals and businesses throughout all of Washington — and aim to support the collision repair industry in our state. Through legislative efforts, we foster the growth and improvement of the automotive collision industry. We strive to create a legal environment in which body shops and consumers can offer and access proper and safe vehicle repairs.

The WICRA is comprised of body shops from throughout Washington state. Our members believe in building an industry-wide network and strong relationships with others to achieve greater consistency and safety in industry practices, and therefore greater trust from consumers. We encourage the support and participation of vendors to foster our mission.


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We want to welcome you to the association that is solely dedicated to the success of your business and growth of the collision repair industry. Our mission to educate, inform, and inspire others to advance practices and standards in collision repair needs the support of industry professionals, businesses, and affiliate organizations. Learn more about our memberships designed for auto body shops, service providers, and non-auto body shop individuals and companies. Membership dues are affordable and go towards our efforts to improve and advance the industry. We look forward to having you as part of our network in Washington.

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Delivering Useful Resources for Industry Professionals

The Washington Independent Collision Repairer's Association is dedicated to our mission of improving and advancing the collision repair industry in our state. To support the growth and improvement of auto body shops across Washington, we share useful resources that anyone can access. Use these resources to help your shop grow, plan, organize, learn, and adapt. These tools are designed to give auto body repair professionals the information they need to provide safe, reliable services. We want to ensure customers get repairs that restore vehicles to pre-accident condition. These resources will support that goal and bring us closer to an industry-wide network of professional standards.

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The Washington Independent Collision Repairer's Association is proud to create a network of and for auto body repair professionals and affiliates in Washington state. Our upcoming events can be a great opportunity for auto body shop professionals to gain useful insight and learn about how to improve their businesses. Affiliate members who support the growth and success of the collision repair industry with services and products showcase their offerings and engage with our network to deliver value to all who attend our events. Learn more about our calendar schedule with events for the year and discover how you can improve your business with the help of the WICRA.

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The Washington Independent Repairer's Association is excited to have you and your business as part of our network and auto body trade association. We represent automotive professionals and businesses throughout Washington state. Enjoy the benefits of a full membership with WICRA, including expert resources, events, and employment listings. We look forward to having you as part of our professional network.

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